Global Search Award 2022 LinusPro Nutrition x Searchmind

LinusPro were Clustering their Way to The Top(ic) through a targeted content marketing strategy looking to boost top funnel rankings and increase organic visibility and traffic. Within 1 year LinusPro has increased their monthly visitors by more than 1500%.

The brand: LinusPro Nutrition

LinusPro Nutrition has since 2014 been developing and producing protein products, supplements and sports drinks for athletes – both professionals and beginners. The focus is on providing great quality, flavor and efficiency in each product – all produced in Denmark. 

The brand now has multiple sub brands and covers mainly three areas: weight gain, weight loss and beauty.

The objective

The origin of the collaboration on LinusPro’s SEO strategy was to strengthen the domain authority through organic traffic. Our biggest challenge working on this was that LinusPro’s primary keywords were and are highly competitive on both organic and paid search (protein powder, protein bars etc.), which led us to rethink the approach.

We started working on a content strategy based on the search behavior of LinusPro’s primary audience – creating content that provided new as well as skilled fitness practitioners with knowledge about the muscles in the body and free training programs.

What we did & how we did it

Our goal was to boost top funnel rankings and increase traffic using a topic cluster-method and structure on the site.

Initially we started by understanding the audience and their search behavior in the field of “fitness and training”. This followed by (and done underway) a keyword analysis, grouping, content gap analysis and mapping. Each analysis was based on the audience while also studying the search intent as well as the context in SERP of each keyword/topic. We did this to ensure our focus was in the right place. 

With our findings and new understanding we began structuring the content universes – Free Training Programmes and Muscles of the Body – and created briefs for each content cluster. The content was produced focusing on creating relevant, usable and engaging content in the form of articles and training programmes for different situations and training disciplines. Constantly on track with LinusPro’s tone of voice and brand. 

 Regarding on page SEO optimization we paid attention to:


  • Creating a manageable structure easy for the user to navigate through.
  • Internal link structure from and back to the pillar-page in order to strengthen the internal navigation on the pages.
  • BlogPosting schema markup.
  • FAQ schema markup on relevant questions asked about the topics.
  • E-A-T in various aspects providing the reader with expert information in a trustworthy setting.
  • Removing unnecessary “sign up to read” content – which is an obstacle, to many users

Results are in

The topic cluster strategy aimed to create relevant and informational content targeted on non-transactional searches. Our overall goal was to see a boost in top funnel rankings and increase traffic with 200% in one year – while also increasing organic visibility, brand awareness and authority. 

In the period 1 May 2021 to 1 May 2022, Linuspro has increased from 915 unique page views on the original blog page to 6543 unique page views, which is an increase of 615%.